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Finish Pros’ expert refinishing services and upholsterers are an extension of your facility’s design team. We are committed to providing restoration and refinishing solutions to save you the cost and the headache of purchasing new.
The Essence of Refined Craftsmanship, Finish Pros offers an array of reupholstery, restoration, and refinishing services to bring all your commercial surroundings to their very best appearance.
We are a highly professional organization with a full-time office staff, a diligent pick-up and delivery crew, and a team of master upholsterers, craftsmen, onsite repair technicians and commercial refinishing services.
Our 14,000-square foot, Raleigh, NC based restoration facility allows us to take on large commercial projects and complete them promptly. We enthusiastically strive to exceed our clients expectations!

Committed to Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability by recycling as much as possible, including scrap foam, vinyl, fabric material, and even old metal staples.

Lowering Your Environmental Impact

Cost Savings Comparison

75% savings compared to buying new

Why Choose Commercial Refinishing Services

Now, more than ever, commercial refinishing services have become the most cost-efficient and effective way to keep up with modern changes and styles in commercial businesses. There truly is very little value in spending extra of thousands of dollars constantly buying new furniture just to keep up with style changes. Custom commercial refinishing services are here to allow your commercial space to stay looking new and feeling up-to-date, without out throwing away thousands of dollars. You will also save time by choosing our commercial refinishing services. Our specialists can have your commercial furniture refinished in as little as a day; meanwhile, the time spent searching for the right new furniture at the right prices could take weeks or even months.

Commercial Reupholstery

On-Site Restoration

Off-Site Refinishing

Think about the environment and how you can help by simply repurposing and refinishing your existing commercial furniture with our commercial refinishing services. You can conserve and reduce waste, while saving money, by using our commercial refinishing services. Repurposing and refinishing commercial furniture avoids about 5-9 pounds of waste per item. Most commercial furniture is built to last, and commercial refinishing services along with the quality craftsmanship of the commercial furniture contribute to the conservation of the overall environment. With the money saved by using commercial furniture refinishing you can afford to change the look and feel of your overall commercial space with our commercial refinishing services. You can actually get a good 20-30 years out of commercial furniture, and our commercial refinishing services allows you to do just that. Each year alone enough trash is collected to fill the state of Texas twice! Commit to making a significant change in the environment by recycling and reusing your old commercial furniture with our commercial refinishing services.

The Importance of Commercial Refinishing Services

Furniture in a commercial building or office is the main defining factor in the appeal and functionality of the overall commercial space. Commercial furniture is the first thing people notice and also defines their first impression. Commercial furniture defines the environment for workers and also establishes productivity and motivation as well as it sets the overall tone of the commercial space. Even though commercial furniture carries high importance in the commercial space, it’s hard to keep up with its impeccable condition, which our refinishing services can help with this issue. Hiring us and our commercial refinishing services will bring your once pristine commercial furniture back to life in a much more cost-efficient manner. You can save up to 75% by choosing commercial refinishing services. By keeping your refinished commercial furniture clean and maintained, it will ensure its longevity and flawless appeal. Commercial furniture refinishing services will restore your commercial furniture’s original sturdiness and beauty, while giving a completely new look and overall feel to your commercial space at a fraction of the cost you would spend buying new commercial furniture.
Overall, there are great advantages to use our refinishing services. You will be mindful of the environment by opting for refinishing services as well as saving up to 75% versus buying new. You will also save a lot more time by using our refinishing services. No need to waste any more time or money and call us today!​

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Finish Pros is proud to be the leading commercial and residential furniture refinishing experts in Raleigh, NC. We take pride in our attention to detail and our immaculate craftsmanship to give your furniture a high-quality look and feel.

Our unbeatable service and high quality standards have been the foundation on which our reputation is built on. Our knowledge of the industry and commitment to excellence provide peace of mind to our customers, and ensure them that their commercial and/or residential projects are our top priority.

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