Commercial Upholstery

Finish Pros Commercial Upholstery Services

Simplifies Redesigning Your Workplace


Worn and outdated furniture can be modernized while making a huge impact on lessening your company’s environmental footprint. The reuse of furnishing eliminates lengthy decision-making processes and our in-house design consultants can provide you with great material options. On average we save our commercial clients 75% from the cost of purchasing new.

You will be amazed to find out how much cheaper commercial upholstery services for your commercial furniture is compared to buying new furniture. Our professionals in commercial upholstery services are here to guide you through choosing the correct commercial upholstery styles, patterns, and fabrics to give your commercial space a custom non-generic look.

Environmentally, you’ll be making a huge difference by re-purposing your old furniture and opting for commercial upholstery services. Furniture takes up more resources such as time, money, and energy to dispose of. Most of the time commercial furniture lasts much longer than what make use of them. By re-purposing your old commercial furniture, you can conserve it and reduce waste. Overall, reducing waste by conserving your commercial furniture equals to about 5-9 pounds of waste which over time adds up! Most commercial furniture is actually built to last. You can get a good 20-30 years out of them. Granted, styles change, but that’s what our commercial upholstery services are here for. We modernize your furniture as well as use custom commercial upholstery and give your overall commercial space a brand-new look and feel with our commercial upholstery services. Commit to making a significant change in the environment by recycling and reusing your old commercial furniture. Humans throw so much away that each year we have enough trash to cover the size of Texas, twice!

Give your commercial space and commercial furniture brand new looks and feelings by re-purposing your commercial furniture into different styles and different things. Combine vintage with modern or completely go either direction from time to time and save thousands of dollars in constantly changing out commercial furniture to keep up with different styles by using our commercial upholstery services.

Once you’ve decided to use our commercial upholstery services and re-purpose your commercial furniture, we use our commercial upholstery service expertise to maximize the look and use of your commercial furniture. We know exactly which fabrics work best for your commercial purpose. We have many years of testing and implementing the right fabrics to give your commercial space new life and completely new feel, without spending the money of buying all “new” commercial furniture. All of the fabrics we use for commercial upholstery are tested for “low-traffic” use such as in luxury hotel lobbies and suites in constant use. Our fabrics also highly qualify for “high-traffic” areas that are in constant use and have high resistance. We use environmentally safe, less toxic fabrics since there has been a rise in awareness of toxicity regarding flame retardant chemicals in upholstered furniture.

The maintenance of your commercial upholstery also determines the longevity. Vacuuming commercial upholstery is one of the best ways to maintain your commercial upholstery looking new and expand its durability. Washing your commercial upholstery is also a good idea if you want to keep the commercial upholstery for a while. Using cool temperatures prolong the life of your commercial upholstery fabric as well as save energy. Not drying the fabrics in the dryer for too long also helps as well as ironing commercial upholstery fabrics while they are still damp. Especially the heavier in weight commercial upholstery fabrics.