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The results of a poor upholstery job are hard to mask, and include bad fabric matching, crooked cording, loose areas of fabric, and an all-together uncomfortable chair or couch. Our expert upholsterers avoid these common mistakes and distinguish their work by paying close attention to detail.

Why Consider Re-Upholstery

Well Built Furniture Deserves it: Fine contemporary furniture is hard to come across these days, unless you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg. While most furniture built just a decade or so ago generally employed solid wood frames, an increasing amount of furniture these days (even so called “fine furniture” turned out by the premier brands) is built using frames made of particle board – a cheap, much weaker substitute. Owning a piece with a solid wood frame is just one reason to consider re-upholstery.

You like your couch/chair and you don’t want to replace it: This is perhaps the most important reason to consider our re-upholstery services. If you like the comfort of what you already have, why go hunting around for something new when we can restore your piece from top to bottom? Not only can we re-upholster, but we can also make repairs and improvements to it’s comfort and structure. When needed, we replace foam, add down feathers, build up arms, etc.

Your existing furniture fits the scale of your room: When the size and shape of a piece compliments a room, you know it. By having the piece re-upholstered you retain the existing “feel” of a room by simply beautifying what you already own.

Unique to Finish Pros

Excellent Fabric Consultation: One of the aspects of Finish Pros that really sets our upholstery service apart from the competition is the way in which we help our customers determine what kind of fabric will work best for a particular piece. Keeping in mind important considerations such as lifestyle, functionality, and the style of each piece, we work to find our customers the perfect fabric. For example, if you own a couch that will be seeing a high volume of living room traffic, with children and pets included, it’s very doubtful that we will be recommending one of our silk fabrics. We have high quality performance fabrics that will do the trick. Similarly, we would not recommend a modern looking fabric for a period piece that needs a true restoration. In this way, Finish Pros can help guide a customer through the otherwise arduous task of selecting the appropriate fabric.

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Finish Pros is proud to be the leading commercial and residential furniture refinishing experts in Raleigh, NC. We take pride in our attention to detail and our immaculate craftsmanship to give your furniture a high-quality look and feel.

Our unbeatable service and high quality standards have been the foundation on which our reputation is built on. Our knowledge of the industry and commitment to excellence provide peace of mind to our customers, and ensure them that their commercial and/or residential projects are our top priority.

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