Furniture Refinishing & Painting

The Essence of Refined Refinishing and Lacquer Painting

Furniture refinishing is a process tried by many, but refined by a select few. The difference between an amateur finish and a true craftsman-quality finish can be astounding; the experts at Finish Pros have mastered techniques that can turn even an ordinary piece into a “show-stopper”. Before beginning the refinishing process, we evaluate each individual piece to determine what kind of finish will be most appropriate. Whether we are dealing with true antiques, or common, contemporary pieces, we always deliver heirloom quality restoration to our customers.

Refined Refinishing

We never rush. While making sure that our turn-around time on each piece is swift and reasonable, we have collectively made the conscious decision to avoid shortcuts that result in an average finish. Even preliminary refinishing tasks such as stripping and sanding are given an extreme level of attention to detail. Each stage of the furniture refinishing process is important, and when they are all given true focus, the combined result is sure to be great.

Furniture Expertise

In order for a craftsman to appropriately refinish a piece of furniture, he must have a broad knowledge of furniture itself. Our furniture restoration specialists have extensive knowledge of antique and contemporary furniture. Should you feel your item might be unique, we have an in-house certified appraiser (Accredited International Society of Appraisers) who can help you.

Furniture Repair and Touch-Up

If you have a piece of furniture that has been damaged, don’t despair! Our craftsmen have attended classes at the Winterthur Museum and have decades of shop experience.