Furniture Restoration Is More Than Just a Pretty Finish at Finish Pros

Restoration and overall furniture repair is an art that requires meticulous attention to detail, an eye for color and patience. Often many restoration pieces require re-veneering, addressing deep compression in the wood surface and re-gluing joinery. Before any of that can occur, the piece needs to get naked. Hardware is removed, special manufacturing labels are protected, the piece is fully stripped while paying close attention to wood and veneer types, and faux painting or inlays. Stripper can have a devastating impact on delicate pieces, potentially ruining the piece or requiring significant effort to repair. Every piece is fully analyzed for the best treatment before any chemical applications begin. Once the piece is stripped, we then send it to the wood shop to make all the repairs that may include veneer replacement, repair of broken pieces, hand carving to replicate designs and shapes, and in some cases disassembling the entire piece in order to re-glue it back to structurally sound. During the entire process careful attention is paid to wood types, grain patterns, the patina of the wood, and how best to disguise repairs. Our skilled craftsmen are experts in disguise. After a quality check to insure everything meets our shop standards, the piece then moves to finishing. Meticulous attention to detail is critical at this stage. We must create the final color through a many step process. Finishing is an art form that requires a excellent eye for color. The patina of the wood can completely change the colors and the steps in order to achieve the desired color. We typically apply several base colors of stain and slowly work our way to the final color using toning before we begin the multi step process of top-coating a durable clear finish. After each step, the piece is carefully sanded so we can achieve a beautiful smooth finish. At the very end, we do a detailed 20 point quality check to insure everything looks it’s best to re-enter your home!

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Finish Pros is proud to be the leading commercial and residential furniture refinishing experts in Raleigh, NC. We take pride in our attention to detail and our immaculate craftsmanship to give your furniture a high-quality look and feel.

Our unbeatable service and high quality standards have been the foundation on which our reputation is built on. Our knowledge of the industry and commitment to excellence provide peace of mind to our customers, and ensure them that their commercial and/or residential projects are our top priority.

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