It’s All in the Details

Take a look at this beautiful reupholstered chair. At first glance, your eye brings you to the large floral print and overstuffed cushions. But look a little closer at the bottom of the cushion where it rests on the actual chair.
Reupholstered chair

See that right there? Look how the flower’s stem lines RIGHT up to the stem on the bottom of the chair! The other flowers seamlessly fall into place making the transition from cushion to chair FLAWLESS. We take GREAT PRIDE on our work at Finish Pros, down to every detail!

Floral fabric

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Finish Pros is proud to be the leading commercial and residential furniture refinishing experts in Raleigh, NC. We take pride in our attention to detail and our immaculate craftsmanship to give your furniture a high-quality look and feel.

Our unbeatable service and high quality standards have been the foundation on which our reputation is built on. Our knowledge of the industry and commitment to excellence provide peace of mind to our customers, and ensure them that their commercial and/or residential projects are our top priority.

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