Kitchen Transformations

Why Replace When You Can Refinish

Cabinet refinishing is an option that many are still unaware of. Too often, people look at their outdated or damaged cabinets and assume that getting new cabinets is the only option. While we can replace existing doors and drawers with new custom built ones, Finish Pros is also able to provide the excellent alternative of improving upon your existing cabinets. Refinishing your existing cabinets can save thousands of dollars, and still manage to transform your kitchen, bathrooms, and bars.

A Look at the Process

Refinishing of Doors and Drawers: The process of refinishing your pre-existing cabinets is easier than you might expect. We begin by taking down all doors and drawers and bringing them to our refinishing shop in Raleigh. After the initial stripping and sanding, we apply the correct stain in order to achieve the color you desire. The building of a fine finish begins with two coats of sanding sealer, with sanding in between each coat. The last stage of building the finish consists of applying several extremely durable layers of topcoat. The refinishing of your cabinets generally takes one week.

We can transform the appearance of your existing cabinets with a variety of options for any budget

options for any budget Your cabinets may not necessarily need a complete refinishing, and we offer a variety of affordable alternatives, such as a solvent wash and re-lacquer. In all, it takes us only a week and a day to completely transform your cabinets. Also, by simply adding crown moldings, hinges, light rails and trim, Finish Pros can make a simple refinishing job look more like a complete remodel. Many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised to find that their kitchens take on a completely remodeled look after our work is done, as if they had spent a lot more money and time on the project.

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