What’s YOUR story?

“Can you do me a favor and not sand out those cigarette burns on the top? I’ve never been a smoker, but my Uncle Ted was, and those marks always help me to picture him when I sit down at the desk to work…”

For a piece of furniture to be good, it has to be well-built and have “good bones”, but in order for it to be truly great, it has to have a story. This is essentially the mark of all great furniture: we’re able to have a short, meaningful conversation about it.

The conversation doesn’t necessarily have to be a heavy one, dealing with deep sentimental value or human loss, because sometimes a piece as simple as the current family sofa has an interesting story tied to it: your family has watched a thousand rounds of Jeopardy on that old thing! When your teenage son was a toddler, he used it as a launch pad for his first flight attempt and wound up with a few stitches. Your Aunt falls asleep on it after dinner every time she comes over…

In the era of disposable furniture (and disposable everything for that matter), it’s important to remember that we can all stake a claim on meaningfulness by holding on to these pieces that have stories. You won’t find stories at the big-box furniture showroom out along the highway – just a lot of imported chairs and sofas constructed from particle wood and staples, each awaiting their certain fate in the forgotten junk hills of a local landfill.

Finish Pros is grateful and extremely humbled to be in the unique position of helping people hold on to furniture that has meaning. Through the art of upholstery, refinishing, and restoration, we get to preserve meaning and honor a family’s stories. ~ Ben W.

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